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Major Jonathan Kilmartin

Name Jonathan Kilmartin

Rank Major


Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Scorpian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 141lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jonathan is quite meticulous about his appearance, to the point that some people believe he is vain. He never has a beard and always keeps his hair cut in a short presentable way. He is a tall, handsome man of athletic build. He has medium length blonde hair and green eyes. When not in uniform, Jonny is fond of looking smart and can be seen wearing smart black trousers and shirts or even suits when off duty.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonathan Kilmartin, aka Jonny K. or “Sunbeam” to his friends is an enlightened and engaging Scorpion male. He is easy to get on with and loves to make new friends. He is very much a ladies' man and is known to flirt outrageously with women he is attracted to. He loves to socialise and is a light drinker, however he is not afraid to go on all night benders in a bid to win over potential mates. One downside to this popular guy is his lack of faith in anyone but himself.

Career wise, Jonny is a down to Scorpia individual with a strict Military upbringing. Jonny K, unlike in his earlier years, now has a great respect for those in positions senior to his, knowing the difficulties of the job they do and how difficult they can become with troublesome underlings. He is an authoritarian and hates unprofessionalism when at work. Chitter chatter in serious situations is a pet hate of his and he isn’t afraid to stamp it out and can often be seen clattering colleagues around the head to get them to shut up. A talented pilot, Jonny has been involved in no less than 34 significant different training and live combat engagements since he started his first tour of duty, but despite this, he is still learning and takes advice from colleagues seriously and constantly endeavours to improve his skills.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jonny is strong willed and dedicated to the Colonial cause. A loyal, trustworthy and able officer, he has developed a reputation as a talented diplomat but also a patient strategist. He is hindered by a sever inability to trust those around him. It takes an awful lot for him to class a person as a friend and even more effort to earn his respect. It takes a lot for people to impress him, so aspiring young officers beware.
Ambitions Married to the job, Kilmartin is a career military officer with a desire to advance as far as he can up the ranks before he chooses to retire. However, deep down, he knows it would only take a perfect woman to tempt him to give it all up.
Hobbies & Interests Sunbeam likes social gatherings and will often watch from afar before strategically choosing the right, most comfortable, opportunity to join in. He is good at Pyramid, Triad and card games.

Personal History The son of Malakey and Keira Kilmartin, one former Army Soldier and one a diplomat from the city of Argentum on Scorpia, Jonathan Kilmartin was a bouncing baby boy that weighed almost 10lbs at birth. Upon the birth of their child, both parents withdrew from active service and set up home in their hometown, both transferring to Scorpia Shipyards, both working as Adjutants to senior officials in their specific areas. During his early life Jonny flew with his mother as often as he could and was clearly destined to become a pilot.

Service Record At the age of 18, Jonny K joined the Colonial Fleet Academy and began basic flight and military training, much to the delight of his parents, who had now returned to active service within the fleet. Through almost three years of tuition at the Academy, including numerous extended training exercises in the field and logging over two thousand hours in flight training aboard various Vipers and Raptors, Jonny K began his final year by transferring to the Battlestar Yashuman, a Valkyrie Type Battlestar. Once there, he joined the ships Air Group as one of six Cadet's (or Nuggets) in the unit. Under the command of the ships CAG, Major Clinton Morrison, Jonny and his cadet colleagues would log many more hours of flight time in the older Viper Mk II Fighters as he was put through a series of rigorous tests, including navigating the dangerous Belkan's Drift asteroid field. The Yashuman was due to put back to the Picon Shipyards later that year, but plans were changed at the last minute and the ship continued in service.

It was aboard the Yashuman that Jonny was given his new call sign of Sunbeam. During a stopover on Caprica, the Air Group were celebrating the wedding of two of their more experienced pilots. Jonny had been spotted by an older woman who had approached him and asked him to dance. Jonny danced with the woman, who called herself Mia and entertained her for most of the night. As the night wore on and Mia get ready to leave, she kissed him on the cheek and said that his smile was like a ray of sunlight and that she would call him Sunbeam. As she left, and Jonny wistfully watched her leave, his friends jumped on the bandwagon and ribbed him for his encounter. Upon returning to the Yashuman for duty the following morning, he found his locker, his helmet and even his Viper had been adorned with his new callsign.

He would always remember Mia.

During a training exercise just a month later, in which the entire Air Group were embarked in a war games scenario to crown a new "Top Gun", the ship was ambushed by three Pirate vessels that were looking to capture smaller ships. The Air Group was ordered to halt their war game and everyone, including the Cadet's were ordered to go weapons free and engage their aggressors. Whilst several Viper's were lost, Jonny and three other Cadet's made it back to the Yashuman, but not before taking out two of the enemy vessels alongside the Roehampton. For their part in the mission, Major Morrison applied for special dispensation to graduate the Cadet's and have them join his Air Group to make up for the losses. Dispensation was granted and Jonny K was given the rank of Second Lieutenant and was permanently assigned to the Air Group. He was now a “Rook”. With his new rank and position, Sunbeam was upgraded to pilot one of the newer Viper Mk VII class Fighters. He spent a lot of time in simulations getting accustomed to the newer Fighter, but it was no substitute for getting behind the controls of the real thing and would spend many hours training and conducting support missions in his bird.

Eight months later, after various missions with the Air Group, Sunbeam transferred to the Battlestar Triton. Aboard the Triton, Sunbeam gained a reputation for being a badass pilot, often flying by the seat of his pants as he flew alongside talented pilots such as Alex “Crashdown” Quartararo and Kara “Starbuck” Thrace. It was during some downtime on the Triton that his whole perspective on his career changed. During a game of Triad in the Pilots mess, Kara insulted the ships XO. A scuffle broke out and Crashdown, Starbuck and Sunbeam were hauled in front of the ships commanding officer, Commander Myron Ruth. There, Thrace got herself into further trouble and court martial proceedings were initiated. Coming close to losing his wings, Sunbeam made a pledge to the ships Commander that he would turn over a new leaf. With Thrace and Quartararo transferred from the ship, Kilmartin continued to serve the ship and won the respect of his crew and his commanders with his improved attitude and flying ability. He rose through the ranks to First Lieutenant. Just months before the fall of the colonies, Kilmartin was made CAG of the Triton Air Group.

Prior to the fall of the colonies, Kilmartin had decided to hang up his boots and had accepted a role with a Civilian Aviation company. At the time of the Cylon attack, the Captain was actually at Picon handing in his final resignation and uniform when they struck. This caused him to don his uniform once more, only for him to be injured in the attack. He was rescued by some Colonial Officers and escaped Picon via Raptor. The small group of misfits made their way to rendezvous with Commander Hanson and others at the Nogura Fleet Depot.

Once there, the group of survivors found the Battlestar Solaria lurking among the debris, in no condition to fight and with only a skeleton crew. The survivors joined the crew under Hanson's command and set to work getting the ship ready to join the fight. Kilmartin, as the senior pilot aboard, assumed the role of CAG.

After fifteen short days, Kilmartin was forced to relinquish his new role when he was unexpectedly promoted as part of the crew rotation between the Patrolstar Achilles and the Solaria. When Captain Thaddeus Scott transferred to the Achilles, Kilmartin was promoted to Officer of the Deck at the rank of Major aboard the Solaria, a significant step up the rank ladder for the pilot. He began to work under the tutelage of Colonel Kendall as his career took a path he had never expected.