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Commander Mitchell Hanson

Name Mitchell Hanson

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander


Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Libran
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 158lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A charismatic male, Commander Hanson has medium length brown hair that is well kept and has striking blue eyes. His hair is beginning to show signs of greying and his skin starting to show the formation of wrinkles. Despite the aging process, Mitch is a fit individual who often jogs to maintain fitness. Hanson has been known to use his charm to win people over and achieve his goals. Off duty, he likes to remain smart and tends to wear trouser and shirt combinations.


Spouse Rebecca (Presumed Deceased)
Children Anna-Marie (Daughter - Presumed Deceased)
Samuel (Son - Presumed Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mitchell Hanson, better known by his nickname Mitch, is a Libran serving in the Colonial Fleet as Commander of the Battlestar Solaria. A native of the planet Libran orbiting the Helios Alpha star, Mitch was originally a Weapons Officer on different vessels before assuming the role of XO, and later Commander of the Solaria. He is a man that commands the utmost respect from his crew, usually thanks to stories of his service during the first Cylon war and also from tales of people who have served with him and seen the great man up close. He has a vast knowledge of Colonial history and of the Twelve Tribes and the colonies since their formation and fancies himself as a bit of a historian. His service during the war taught him that even the most respectable people can either trade allegiances or tuck tail and run and as such, he often has difficulty trusting people who knows very little about, which can hinder his diplomatic skills. But, never the less, this proud man has over 20 years’ experience in the fleet, has negotiated treaties between colonies and has over seventy different combat missions under his belt. He is firm and direct, not believing in molly coddling people and as such, he pushes his officers to get the best out of themselves. He used to harbour a great hatred of ship borne Marines, stemming back to the death of his brother on the Yorktown, but this stance has softened with age and experience and he now acknowledges what a valuable resource they can be on the field of battle.
Strengths & Weaknesses A talented tactician and well versed in security regulations, weapons and tactics, Hanson is a good man to be around in a crunch situation. Despite his flaws, he is a competent diplomat but that is only after he gets over his trust issues. His appreciation for science and nature could do with some improvement. He has been known to have a bit of a rebellious streak and will often do things his way, which sometimes makes things more difficult than they need to be.
Ambitions Originally Mitch aspired to follow his father and older brother in becoming a Viper pilot in the Colonial military, however he changed his mind when he joined the Fleet Academy and joined the Security/Tactical division, believing it to be the best way to become a command officer. A career man at heart, even from a young age, Mitch had set himself the challenge to proceed as far as he could up the rank ladder. He achieved what he believed would be the pinnacle of his career just three months before the destruction of the twelve colonies when he became commanding officer of the Battlestar Ulysses. His ambition now is to guide the civilian fleet to safety and hope to meet up with any surviving colonials.
Hobbies & Interests Mitch used to be a frequent card player, and in his youth even took part in Pyramid games. Now, he likes to spend his time reading and socialising with those closest to him. He is known for throwing excellent dinner parties, usually incredibly entertaining.

Personal History Mitchell Hanson, nicknamed “Mitch”, was born in 65 BCH (Before Cylon Holocaust) to his parents, James and Veronica, both Colonial Fleet Officers, his mother the serving Communications Officer and his father the promising Executive Officer of the Orion class Battlestar Potemkin.

Mitch was the only child aboard the Potemkin and as such, when he was old enough to walk and talk he became embroiled in the Fleet way of life. At the age of 5, he was already playing with his first bits of technology. At the age of 10 he was busy learning things from the ships staff, including the Chief Engineer, when the ship wasn’t involved in combat operations during the Cylon conflict. It was expected that Mitch would train as an Engineer when he was old enough, but that was not true. Prior to leaving the Potemkin, Mitch started to take a surprising interest in the duties and training of security and tactical officers on the crew.

The Potemkin arrived back at Caprica in 47 BCH and Hanson began his preparations for applying to the Fleet Academy. He would choose his new interest over his ability as an Engineer by applying for the combined Security and Tactical Training Programs. His application was successful at the first attempt, some suggesting it was thanks to his time on the Potemkin, who his father was and not on merit, but Hanson would do all that he could to prove his doubters wrong.

After his year at the Academy, his father was promoted to Commander of the Battlestar Orion and became a prominent member of the Admiralty’s lower echelons. Mitch continued to do his best at the Academy to both prove his ability and to make his father proud.

Ensign Hanson graduated from the Fleet Academy and was assigned to the Battlestar Galactica as a trainee weapons officer. He served aboard Galactica until the final year of the Cylon war. Lieutenant Hanson took over the weapons control station in CIC when his superior, Lieutenant Hawkins, was injured during the combat mission Operation Raptor Talon. It was successful in inflicting major damage to Cylon forces, but not before they were able to destroy the Columbia. The battle ended in a draw, when it was announced the Cylons had signed an armistice agreement. Galactica returned to the Picon Fleetyards for repair and a host of her crew were reassigned. Lieutenant Hanson transferred to the Battlestar Yashuman where he spent the next twenty years of his fleet career. In that time, Hanson rose to the rank of Colonel and eventually the post of Executive Officer before mustering out of service in 20 BCH.

Now a civilian, Hanson began working on Caprica as a defence consultant for several government administrations, working at the Defence Ministry and with the Defence Mainframe. For fiteen years he worked on Caprica until a chance encounter with Commander Morris Young at a symposium brought him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Young had specifically sought out the man who had served during the first Cylon war and had done come out the other side with a great deal of experience to his name.

Returning to the fleet hadn’t been something Mitch had considered in a long time, but being given the option of returning aboard the Battlestar Ulysses as her Executive Officer was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Within days, Hanson was back in uniform and settled aboard the Galactica class Ulysses as she left orbit of Caprica for a training mission with a training flight of Viper and Raptor Squadrons. Hanson developed a reputation for being a hardass on the nuggets that trained on the Ulysses, but he felt that to be the job of a good XO. He spent the next four years serving as the ships XO until yet another chance encounter saw him presented with another great opportunity.

Whilst docked at the Picon Fleetyards three months before the cylon invasion, Admiral Nagala visited the Ulysses and shared a meal with Commander Young and Colonel Hanson. During the meal, Commander Young was promoted to Admiral and was told he would be transferring to the Battlestar Atlantia, one of the newer Mercury class Battlestars. As such, Mitch would assume command of the Ulysses during her decommissioning and her recommissioning as a Mercury-class ship herself. Days later, Mitch officially became the “Old Man” as he assumed command of the Ulysses and was promoted to the rank of Commander. Relatively old for a first time commanding officer, Mitch’s fitness through exercise belied his sixty five years of age.

Ulysses docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards three months later to take on a number of fresh supplies and new personnel when disaster struck, a series of events that would change the lives of his crew forever.

Commander Hanson and several of his command crew were at Picon Fleet Headquarters when the Cylon Baseships came out of nowhere, beginning an orbital bombardment of Scorpia in conjunction with nuclear detonations from the planet’s surface. In orbit, the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards began to mount a defence and, seeing they were dramatically outnumbered, Commander Hanson ordered the Ulysses to rendezvous with Admirals Nagala and Young aboard the Atlantia without him, the command team would travel to the ship as quickly as possible. Solaria met with the Battlestars Atlantia, Columbia and Triton in orbit of Picon when several Basestars arrived. Beginning a barrage of missile fire against the Colonial vessels, the Cylons soon launched their Raiders. The Colonials launched fighters of their own, hundreds of Vipers heading for their enemy targets, only to suddenly cease functioning for some unexplained reason. As the Raiders began to make light work of the drifting fighters, countless pilots ejected from their craft to be rescued by the rescue raptors. Older Vipers, seemingly unaffected, made combat landings as the various ships prepared to retreat. Admiral Nagala took the unusual move of preparing the ships for an FTL jump, ordering all military and civilian vessels in the area to meet at the Nogura Fleet Depot. Before Hanson and his team could reach the Ulysses, a nuclear missile detonated on the port flight pod that severely damaged it. Seconds later, as the Ulysses prepared to jump away, several Basestars co-ordinated their attack and destroyed the Battlestar. With their ship lost and facing overwhelming odds, Hanson transmitted a coded message and ordered all rescue raptors to jump to the Hestia Fleetyards on the edge of the system and seemingly out of the combat area. There, the surviving Colonials banded together and boarded a derelict Battlestar, the Solaria.

Raiding the depot, the colonial forces did all they could to get the Solaria operational and back into the fight.